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Warranty Inspections

Is your one year warranty on your new home about to expire? Warranty inspections are usually conducted when the house is 11 months old. This inspection re-visits all of the systems and components that should have been inspected at a new home construction inspection. Sometimes it takes a while for problems to show up. It is wise to protect your investment and find these issues before warranties expire.

Pre-listing Inspections

Pre-listing inspections, sometimes referred to as seller’s inspections, are initiated by the property owner prior to listing the property. A seller’s inspection is used to find unknown defects and to prevent possible surprises for the home owner when he or she sells the property. Often, seller’s are blindsided by unknown and expensive problems discovered by the buyer’s inspector. With a pre-listing inspection, the seller has peace of mind going forward in the real estate transaction and is able to accurately represent the condition of the home, limiting potential liability.

Buyers Inspections

Buyer’s inspections are initiated by the home-buyer. These inspections are designed to assure there are no hidden surprises and to provide peace of mind to the buyer. A buyer’s inspection is most often a contingency to the close of the real estate deal. This type of inspection is the most common and is a valuable tool for negotiations during the home buying process.

Maintenance Inspections

Imagine owning a home and not knowing of the latent defects that will one day manifest. Roof leaks, compromised shower pans, and improperly operating or installed appliances are just a few common problems found in homes. These problems are usually discovered after significant damage has been done or warranties have expired. A maintenance inspection can greatly reduce the chance you will encounter these headaches.

Real Estate Home Inspection

Up to 2500 Sq Ft

$.10 a sq ft after


Irrigation Inspection


Septic System Inspection

General Inspection Only


Outbuildings w/utility

With Utilities


Termite Inspection




General Pool Inspection Only


Water Well

General Well Inspection Only


Thermal Imaging

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